Meucci & Company (Meucci) is a consultancy focused on the transformative power of digital development at the arc of equity/inclusion, gainful employability, economic growth, and citizen empowerment.

We bring over 20 years’ experience supporting a diversified base of partners representing multinational corporations such Microsoft, NGOs, higher education institutions, and government agencies such as the US Dept. of Labor.


Technology is everywhere and its proliferation continues to drive and shape every aspect of society, morph our economy and transform the world that we live in.

To keep pace, industries are constantly rethinking innovation to scale technologies in new contexts to solve ongoing problems.

In response, government and the education sector are challenged to deliver a digitally skilled workforce that meets in-demand jobs, and citizenry who are empowered to fully participate in the digital ecosystem.

Meucci partners with industry, government and the education sector to deliver on these agendas. We have managed large, multiyear and multifaceted programs, which have rolled out across the US and internationally.

Cross-cutting through all our work, we prioritize:

human centered design principles

insights and adaptive learning methods

sustainable outcomes for replicability and scale

Training & Capacity Strengthening

Meucci inspires K-12 educators and provide them with the ongoing professional development to lead profound computational thinking and innovative learning experiences for students through EdTech, computer science curriculums and technology focused education frameworks. At the high school and trade school levels, we train educators to prepare students for in-demand IT certification exams, and pathways to continuing computer science careers through trade and higher education. We also design custom train-the-trainer professional development programs to support sustainability goals that net impacts, scale and cost savings. Meucci has conducted thousands of in-person and virtual training courses in the US and internationally.

Supporting Digital Learning & Development Reform

Meucci partners with government and industry to support education, digital transformation, and digital divide reform goals to prepare students, workers, communities, government and industry for the future of work and to fully participate in the digital ecosystem. Our capabilities include research, scoping studies that support strategic planning for policy, budgets, stakeholder mapping and program design. We also convene industry stakeholder partnerships and knowledge sharing conference events that focus on local, national and globally led digital development agendas. Meucci designs performance monitoring systems, evaluations and assessments.

Workforce Development

Ninety two percent of today’s jobs require digital skills. Meucci partners with workforce development programs to deliver digital IT certification training programs that net employability for in-demand jobs with competitive wages. We design, launch and manage high impact digital skilling and workforce development programs that target youth and adult learners. Meucci is experienced in leading national programs that emphasize at-risk youth and women and girls. Our work includes partnership development that triangulates workforce development programs and industry to support sustainable program impacts.

Digital Literacy

People who are digitally literate can optimize the use and benefits of technologies in their everyday lives. In digital environments, this includes skills to: find and evaluate the integrity of information; communicate, create and share content; and understand the ethical use of digital tools.

Meucci collaborates with partners to develop and roll-out content standards for digital literacy curriculums. We design community-based digital literacy programs that address the accessibility barriers encountered by adult learners. Especially low-resourced community members, older adults and those with disabilities. We deliver synchronous, asynchronous, online, in-person and blended, digital literacy programs adapted for learners with little or no digital literacy skills, those with limited education, and immigrant communities.



Microsoft Innovative Schools Project

As part of Microsoft’s Partners in Learning initiative, the project guided primary and secondary schools through the complex process of holistic school reform and delivered a roadmap for STEM...

US Department of Jobs Corps

Provide at-risk young adults with the tools necessary to attain meaningful jobs that lead to career growth

Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA)

The MSIA was a global program that bridged the world of education with the world of work.


Code.org believes that every student in every school should be empowered by computer science education.

Skagit Valley Community College

The Office of Workforce Development at Skagit Valley College (SVC) decided to replace the existing Computer and Information Systems (CIS) degree program with a new one that would attract...

Microsoft Imagine Junior Cup

The Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior (ICJ) is a global competition that allows youth ages 13-18, to develop and pitch concepts to solve the world’s most pressing challenges using AI.