Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA)

The MSIA was a global program that bridged the world of education with the world of work. The Imagine Academy program partnered with US State Departments of Education, higher education institutions, public libraries, and with country ministries of education throughout the world. The program was designed to give K-12 and Higher Ed students and educators the curriculums and certifications needed to succeed in a technology  driven economy. 

Scope of Work

Meucci  & Company managed the launch and ongoing implementation of the MSIA program, from 2004 through sunset and transition to Microsoft Learn for Educators platform in 2023 We developed partnerships with state departments of education (DOE) and supported their educational reforms and transformation strategies relative to STEM/computer science education and technology career connected education agendas. Meucci also provided ongoing professional development for teachers on how to effectively use technology in the classroom and deliver STEM/computer science education lesson plans and curriculums. 


Educator capacity building was supported by an approach to ensure that the project constantly delivered benefits to educatorsTo support this, Meucci led an educator community of practice and led frequent knowledge sharing and training workshops at industry eventsThe project also maintained a strong stakeholder relations component including with industry and with officials within the state departments of education   During the height of the Covid pandemic, Meucci worked with state departments of education to adopt Microsoft virtual collaboration technologies. In addition, we continued educator capacity building, adding in workshops on how to effectively teach remote lessons using Microsoft collaboration tools such as Teams, and how to access and teach Microsoft digital curriculum resources for teachers   Training was delivered using live, instructor-led methods. 


  • Course Instructional Design 
  • Computer Science Education Course Content  
  • Training Events 
  • Trainer Instructional Guides 
  • Study Guides 
  • Teacher Resource Materials  
  • Program Marketing & Outreach Materials  
  • Press Materials 
  • Program Website 
  • Case Studies 

Key Outcomes

  • Led over 1,000 educator training events 
  • Organized annual professional development conferences totaling over 30,000 K-12 and Higher Ed educator attendees 
  • Increased technology certifications pass rates, up to 80% in some states 
  •  Increased participation in the Microsoft Imagine Academy by over 60% 
  •  Integrated MSIA curriculums into state standards 
  •  Worked with ACE (HE accreditation organization) so that Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Fundamentals certifications could be used as college credit for students who pass the exam 
  •  During the height of the Covid pandemic, helped dozens of DOEs adopt Microsoft collaboration technologies, and trained thousands of educators via virtual methods