Skagit Valley Community College

Skagit Valley College (SVC) is a public community college located in the northwest region of Washington state. 

Scope of Work

The Office of Workforce Development at Skagit Valley College (SVC) decided to replace the existing Computer and Information Systems (CIS) degree program with a new one that would attract students from all over Washington. Meucci & Company was asked to recommend which degree program should be selected and the layout of a 2-year course schedule. 


Meucci utilized a participatory approach that triangulated collaborations with the client and IT industry engagement.  Meucci analyzed the college’s current technology programs and reviewed external market trends to help address deficiencies. Additionally, we provided recommendations on structuring the new CIS program, including strengthening the market relevance and competitiveness of the program. Meucci also served as an advisor to help the college prepare for accreditation readiness.   


Key Outcomes

New degree program –Information Management and Data Science - Areas of Study AcalogACMS™ ( Learn more here.