Microsoft Innovative Schools Project

As part of Microsoft’s Partners in Learning initiative, the Innovative School’s Program was created with the goal of providing models of effective instruction to prepare students with the necessary to succeed in the 21st century.  The project guided hundreds of primary and secondary schools in the US and worldwide through the complex process of holistic school reform; and delivered a roadmap for STEM education and technology integration. The program also developed and applied research to improve educational practices and inspire a model environment for active learning, participation and community collaboration. 

Scope of Work

Meucci & Company worked with Microsoft at the onset of this initiative supporting strategic planning and the framework for the 6i Process which gave credence to the Innovative Schools Program.  For more than 10 years, Meucci  led all facets  of  the program delivery  from program management, event planning, marketing & communication and stakeholder relationsWe also supported the planning, launch and management of the follow-on Seattle area “Showcase School” pilot.   


Meucci implemented a complexity of activities that connected school systems, global project teams and global stakeholdersWe engaged with school systems on a 2 -year program trajectory to reach country specific goalsThe project was also driven by a stakeholder relations strategy which included a school learning community (community of practice) that provided access to coaching, research and best practicesMeucci also led the development of resources including yearly research/evaluation reports to assist schools with the challenges of transformative education. 


  • Facilitated connected learning communities to assist school with the challenges of transformative education; including, international knowledge sharing events, and the dissemination of international academic learning resources  
  • Conducted research and strategic planning  
  • Collected and tracked monitoring data  
  • Supported 3rd party evaluation partners 
  • Developed resources, tools and guidance materials  
  • Led working groups  
  • Facilitated local advisory councils 

Key Outcomes

  • Launched and mentored thousands of Innovative Schools around the world 
  • Documented a replicable model for education reform and student achievement
  • Demonstrated technology potential in education by incorporating technology solutions across all aspects of learning